Lip Filler

What is the purpose of lip filler?

Getting lip filler is one of the most common medical aesthetic treatments out there! Lip fillers are a great way to correct an uneven appearance — it’s the easiest way to make a dramatic change in your look. Using fillers to help create a fuller lip automatically creates a more youthful appearance (lip volume decreases due to age).

If you’ve never done lip fillers before, we’re here to help! At Elite, we work with you to create the perfect, balanced look and keep you informed all the way through the treatment.

Six things to know about lip filler:

  • Lip filler is made of hyaluronic acid — a natural substance your body produces — which means there’s typically NO REACTIONS to the filler. When the hyaluronic acid safely metabolizes, your lips go back to their normal shape.

  • Lip fillers have MINIMAL recovery time (1-2 days). Because lip filler isn’t a surgical procedure, you can completely refresh your look without your schedule taking a major hit.

  • Lip filler is NOT permanent (the treatment typically lasts 6-12 months). This means you can adjust the size of your lips over time if your preferences change.

  • Getting lip fillers isn’t painful. Some might be a little nervous about needles or injections, but we use numbing cream to take any discomfort away.

  • You see the beautiful result IMMEDIATELY. If there’s any swelling, it’ll usually go down within 24 hrs.

  • Your lips feel the SAME! Lots of new clients worry about the results feeling unnatural. Your lips will feel completely natural.

No Two Women Are the Same

Our injector team at Elite customizes a look complementary to you and your features. Whether you want lots of volume or just enough to smooth out the signs of aging, we take the time to work with you to get the end result you’ve always dreamed of.

Have we convinced you yet? You have nothing to lose and the perfect smile to gain. Get your appointment lined up today!