Laser Hair Removal

Tired of overpriced lasers, that hurt and don’t do the job? Laser Hair Removal by BareByB provides removal of your hair, in a painless, cost effective method, that is QUICK and EASY!

Unlimited Laser Hair Removal Membership

Now introducing the ONLY way to do laser hair removal! No games, no bait and switch. UNLIMITED FULL BODY laser hair removal.

$299 / MONTH

  • 1 session per month
  • As many areas as you want/need
  • Painless, quick and easy
  • Available times morning or afternoon

“I didn’t realize all the benefits of laser hair removal! Not only is all the hair now gone, but the difference it has made in the smoothness and appearance of my skin has been unbelieveable! Thankful for barebyb for taking the time to show me all the benefits before even locking me in.” -Alex J.